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Leave Your 'Marc'


At Deja Marc we have a big vision - To bring awareness to the mark we leave on the world and inspire a brighter future for our loved ones. 

We have always been sentimental, believers in celebrating those special mementos you hold close to your heart. Compassion and purpose lie at the heart of our brand, and through meaningful designs and exceptional craftsmanship, we hope to leave a mark on the world that is full of love and more special that we left it. 

Deja Marc is committed to supporting brands, businesses and initiatives which align with our vision to leave the world in a better place, supporting the next generation and their future. 


A simple way for us to leave our mark for future generations is by reducing our carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. We have partnered with Future Neutral to make a positive contribution towards sustainable development goals.

Future Neutral uses certified, vetted, carbon offset projects to reduce, avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. The projects are implemented around the world and go beyond just removing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, to also providing additional co-benefits that span from social to environmental goals.  


At checkout on our website, you too will be given the opportunity to contribute by adding 3% of your purchase to the causes which Future Neutral support. 


We will continue to support and feature causes on an ongoing basis, giving our customers the opportunity to contribute towards their individual missions.

Therefore, we are always looking to feature and support different causes who aim to ‘Leave their Marc’ in one of the following areas;

  • Humanitarianism & Environment
  • Education & helping others progress
  • Innovation for the greater good

If you know a cause, initiative or company who is truly leaving their mark on the world, and believe Deja Marc needs to support them, we want to hear from you. Please enter your details via our contact us form below, with a small explanation on why they are worthy, and we will get back to you.  

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